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Win An Exceptional Waterfront Caribbean Resort for just $10 (USD)

This Competition Is Now Closed (as of midnight on 11th April 2018)

We Will Announce The Winner Within 7 days (by 18th April 2018)

If you registered for this competition, please read your emails from us as we'll be sending out more information about some free entries to OUR NEXT COMPETITION!

How to Play

Win a turnkey resort located in a tropical paradise for just $10 (USD). Would you like the opportunity to change your life and live the dream?
To enter our first WinThis.Life competition, simply follow the instructions below and within a couple of minutes you will be one step closer to a completely new life.

Step 1

Complete the short registration form for the WinThis.Life website & agree to our Terms & Conditions. No payment details needed at this stage.

Step 2

Add game tickets to your WinThis.Life account by choosing your number of plays and completing payment. Payments are processed by a secure payment processor.

Step 3

As soon as payment is received, you will be able to use your skill and judgement to play our competition. Good Luck!

Prize Details

Live The Dream
Win a Luxury Eco-Resort in beautiful Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Would you like to win a turn-key, eco-resort in one of the world’s most incredible locations? Imagine the idyllic lifestyle you could lead if you owned a slice of this beachfront paradise.

A Home, a Business and a New Life
The prize of our first ‘WinThis.Life’ competition is not just a stunning property in a breathtaking location, it’s also a $50,000 cash lump sum to ensure that the transition to your new life is smooth and hassle free. We arrange a generous handover period to ensure that you continue to build on the current owners’ success.

This Could be Yours for $10
Directly on the beach, surrounded by nature and with your own jetty reaching into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, this really is living the dream - and it could be yours!!

Casa Cayuco on Trip Advisor
305 Reviews - 98% of which are ‘Excellent’
Trip Advisor Reviews: ‘Paradise on Earth’, ‘Unparalleled’,
‘Immediately book this place!’, ‘Paradise Found’.

About The Prize
Built to a very high standard by indigenous carpenters in 2005, Casa Cayuco is a luxurious eco-lodge, set on the edge of lush rainforest overlooking the Caribbean sea. Lavishly praised on Trip Advisor, this stunning boutique resort - consisting of a luxurious owners suite and a selection of wonderful cabins and lodges - is currently owned and run by an American couple and their loyal team.

Winning Casa Cayuco will be life-changing. More than just a property, the prize is a turnkey life. Everything from the resort’s website to the boats, snorkels and surfboards required to create magical memories for every guest (and for you!). The handover period will ensure you hit the ground running and let’s not forget the $50,000 lump sum.

Prize Summary
100% of the shares in White Sands Lodge Punta Vieja INC, Panama, consisting of all of the following Property and Business Assets:

● Casa Cayuco Eco Adventure Lodge, Punta Vieja, Isla Bastimentos,
    Bocas del Toro, Panama covering nearly 2 acres including:
● Main Lodge
● 4 Stand alone Cabins
● 2 Lodge suites
● Luxury Owner’s Suite
● Dock/jetty with large thatch-covered area
● State of the art solar power generation system
● Backup generator
● Commercial Kitchen
● 100ft communications tower
● Laundry/storage building
● Maintenance building
● Water collection and storage system
● AB 24VST Oceanus 24 ft inflatable boat
● Sportcraft 24ft Deep V Hull fishing boat
● 23ft Panga boat - built in Panama
● Website, social media accounts
● Recreational equipment including surf boards, Kayaks, SUP boards, boogie boards, snorkelling equipment, spear fishing equipment
● $50,000 (USD)
● Comprehensive ‘handover’ period

About the Bocas Del Toro Province
Situated on the picturesque Caribbean coast of Panama, the Bocas Del Toro province consists of an island chain and a section of the mainland. Containing two national parks, one of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the unspoiled region borders Costa Rica and is home to 125,000 residents.

Located on Isla Bastimentos, Casa Cayuco is a 35 minute boat journey from the principal town of Bocas. Blessed with a tropical climate and dotted with the colourful clapboard housing synonymous with the Caribbean, the town’s relaxed vibe translates into friendly locals providing a warm welcome to the steady stream of tourists. Aside from the area’s natural beauty, visitors to the region are mainly attracted by; eco-tourism, scuba-diving, snorkelling, surfing, boating and fishing. There is of course the option to do nothing more than sit back with a cold drink and enjoy the view. You’ll never get bored!

About Panama
Bordering Costa Rica to the North and Colombia to the South, Panama is a stable country with a free market economy, a currency tied to the US dollar and home to a sizeable community of international ex-pats. The country’s bustling, modern capital - Panama City - is a thriving commercial center whilst the less developed areas of the country boast stunning coastlines, vast rainforests and a host of wonderful wildlife.

Panama Factfile
Currency: USD is legal tender (locally known as Balboa - tied to USD 1:1)

Languages: Spanish (Official Language), English widely spoken, various indigenous languages

Climate: Tropical Maritime

Population: 3,750,000

Getting There

Casa Cayuco can be accessed via two principal routes:

Via Panama City: International Flights to Tocumen International Airport (PTY), taxi to Albrook International Airport (PAC – Air Panama), short flight to Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro (BOC) and then a boat to Casa Cayuco

Via Costa Rica: International Flights to San Jose International (SJO), Costa Rica. Short flight with Nature Air to Bocas Del Toro (BOC) and then a boat to Casa Cayuco

There is also an overnight bus route from Panama City to Bocas which is then followed by a boat journey to Casa Cayuco.
About Us

WinThis.Life offers competition entrants the opportunity to win unique, lifestyle properties from around the world. Based in London, and operating our competitions under English Law, we provide a trusted structure to individuals hoping to win a property whilst simultaneously giving owners of income-producing, lifestyle properties the chance to sell their property in a unique way without needing to worry about the complications, marketing demands and administrative burden of running a large competition.

WinThis.Life is a trading name of Ultra Primus Ltd. Operating the websites (a site for off-market properties) & (for unconventional properties), Ultra Primus has held promotional events in some of the UK’s most prestigious residences and has worked with luxury brands including Parmigiani Fleurier and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.


Simply register, accept our Terms & Conditions, pay for your tickets and play our ‘Spot The Ball’ competition.


A single ticket costs $10. If you buy more than one ticket in a single transaction, you can receive ‘per-ticket’ discounts as detailed on our payments page.


The prize (as summarised above and as fully detailed in our Competition’s Terms & Conditions) includes the property, business, all business assets, $50,000 cash and a handover period to ensure a smooth transition.


Of course! All payments for our competitions are processed by a dedicated payment processing company which specialises in providing payment solutions for a wide range of businesses. Their services are fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations concerning the secure processing of financial transactions. As a company, we do not process your debit/credit card details.


We need all players to pay for their tickets in one currency and thus we select which currency is best for each competition based on the location of the property. Casa Cayuco is based in Panama where the US dollar is legal tender and therefore it’s more straightforward and cost effective for us and therefore the competition entrants if we use that currency.


One. There is no cash alternative. Only if total revenue from ticket sales does not meet our target (see next question) can a cash prize be awarded to the winner.


Ticket prices vary (depending on how many tickets each Entrant buys) so the total value of tickets we need to sell is $2,650,000 USD (excluding the per ticket transaction fees as added at the time of purchase). This sum covers, as specifically detailed in Appendix 1 of the Competition Terms & Conditions, the value of the property, cash element, property purchase transaction costs and our fee. Once our target is reached, the competition will be closed.


The financial aspect of our business model is very similar to well-known crowdfunding sites in that a significant percentage of monies raised in a ‘campaign’ (or a competition for us) goes to the maker/creator (or in our case, the property owner and to cover the property transaction costs). Our revenue is a modest percentage of the total funds raised (tickets sold) after third-party payment processing costs have been deducted. Therefore we are not a property owner, nor are we a property agent. We simply structure and run skill-based competitions where the prize is a property.


Our standard competition time is 12 weeks with the possibility to extend by a further 8 weeks if necessary. Once our target is reached, the competition will be closed.


All players must be 18 or over. If you are not based in the UK, you must satisfy yourself that it is legal for you to participate in the game. If you find that this is not the case you should leave the website immediately. Individuals (and their families) directly involved in the creation and running of this competition including but not necessarily limited to; the property owners, legal advisors, employees/directors/shareholders of Ultra Primus and website developers are prohibited from participating in the competition.


There are strict rules and regulations governing prize competitions, lotteries and raffles. We run prize competitions and, as a key part of the process, we need to identify a winner via participation in a skill-based contest.


We will show you a photo of a ball game, with the ball removed. You must use your skill, knowledge and judgement to determine where you believe our panel of one or more sporting experts will collectively place the ball on the same photo when they judge it for us at the end of the competition. You make your selection simply by clicking on the photo and then confirming the selected position(s) (this is then emailed to you and logged against your registration details).


No, to ensure that our competition involves skill, judgement and knowledge, it is better to structure our competitions so that you are assessing the photo to decide where you believe our panel would place the ball. The person who selects the same (or nearest) point to that chosen by our expert panel, is the winner.


If, by the competition’s closing date, we have not reached our targeted value of total ticket sales we have two options: 1. To extend the competition by up to a maximum of 8 weeks or 2. To award a cash prize equivalent to 90% of the total revenue from ticket sales after payment processing costs. If the competition is extended yet the targeted value of total ticket sales is still not reached, we will revert to awarding a cash prize (although we do have the option to try and negotiate with the property owner and thus there is still the possibility, at our discretion, to award the property as a prize). If a cash prize is awarded we also pay the property owner a % fee to account for the period during which their property was part of our competition.


We have selected Casa Cayuco as a prize because it is a turnkey property which is already successful yet remains relatively small and manageable. There is already a loyal team of local staff who know the resort very well and thus, together with the handover period which we have arranged, the likelihood of the Winner continuing to operate the resort successfully is high.


If you win but can’t move to the property then we will endeavor to find a property manager for you so that you can run the resort at arms-length. This is not a guaranteed solution however we would like to ensure that your new property continues to be a success and thus we will work with the existing owner to locally source a solution where possible.


As soon as this competition closes, we will launch our next ‘WinThis.Life’ competition - in another fantastic location - however we only intend to run one competition at any one time.


We have contingency plans in place to ensure that, given various eventualities, we reserve the right to award a cash prize (90% of the total value of ticket sales after payment processing costs) instead of the property. We are very focused on awarding the property as a prize however if, for example, there is significant damage to the property or an unforeseen political situation in the host country, we would not wish to then award the property to the winner.


Once the competition ends, our panel will select the winner. We will then contact the winner via the details provided at the time of their registration on WinThis.Life. The Winner’s name, location and photograph will be published on our website. We will also contact all other unsuccessful entrants to inform them of the result. As per our Terms & Conditions, the Winner will be required to participate in any reasonable requests for publicity including photographs, interviews and videos.


There can only be one Winner of the prize. In the event that two or more Entrants select coordinates which are either exactly the same or exactly equidistant from the Judges’ selected coordinates, the winning entry will then be calculated by the next closest selection of each of those ‘winning’ players’. In the highly unlikely event that another tie then occurs, then the third closest selection will be used and so on. In the event that a ‘tie’ is declared and one or more of the Entrants involved in that ‘tie’ does not have a second selection of coordinates, the Promoter will ask each of those Tied-Winners to play a new ‘Spot the Ball’ game using the same methodology and under the same rules as in the original Competition with one ‘X,Y’ selection per player. In the event that one or more of the Tied-Winners cannot be contacted (for the purposes of playing a new Competition to identify a single Winner) within a 7 day period, then they will not be eligible to participate in the new Competition. Their Competition entry will be considered as Null and Void and thus they will not be eligible to compete for the Prize.


Sorry, as soon as a payment is processed, there is no option to have a refund.


If we are unable to contact the Winner by the end of the 7 day period following the selection of the Winner (itself carried out 7 days after the Closing Date or, where relevant, the Maximum Extended Closing Date) we reserve the right but not the obligation to identify a new Winner (selected with the methodology used to identify the original Winner). We will make all reasonable efforts to contact the Winner but will not be liable if we are unable to make contact.


The process of our panel selecting the winning position will be overseen by a third party solicitor. The solicitor will sign a document to testify that the selection of a winner was carried out in a transparent and fair manner in accordance with our competition Terms & Conditions. We will also document the winner selection process with photographs and, if practical at the time, by making a video of the process. Subject to their availability at the time, we will also invite some members of the UK press to be present for this process.


Sorry, we are unable to provide any personal tax advice. Prizes awarded in the UK do not attract tax however, depending on your country of residence, there may be a tax implication involved with winning a prize. Before proceeding, all prospective entrants must satisfy themselves both of their eligibility to enter and their own tax position should they win. Winners will not have the option to choose an alternative cash prize.


No, only private individuals can enter the competition.

Sell Your Property

Sell Your Property

Are you trying to sell your unique, income-producing property? Whether it’s a beachfront resort in Panama, a boutique hotel in the mountains of Costa Rica, a vineyard with rooms in Italy or a B&B in an Irish castle, we are keen to speak to you. Our hassle-free structure enables you to keep running your business whilst we take care of every aspect of the competition - from producing videos to processing payments, selecting the winner and arranging the handover period.

We already have our next competition lined up and a strong pipeline of interest from other property owners however we are also conscious that some of these properties may sell in the interim and thus we welcome any enquiries from owners of such properties in the $750,000 to $4,000,000 price range. Whether your property is already on the market or if you’re considering selling it in the near future, drop us an email and we can explain how our offering really is ‘win-win’.